The Best Way to Store Blankets

best way to store blankets

If you are looking for the best way to store blankets, the answer may be as simple as finding a storage basket. Keeping a blanket storage basket nearby your couch allows them to air out. A blanket storage basket can be easily updated to match your style. Try wrapping it with rope to give it a more contemporary look. Alternatively, you can keep your blankets folded and placed in an ottoman or cube for easy access.

Storage cubes

For storage purposes, blankets can be stored on wire baskets, which you can attach to the wall. These containers can hold rolled up or folded blankets, and can make your storage space look neat and organized. Wire baskets are easy to install and can also hold a large amount of blankets. In addition to helping you organize your blankets, these containers also allow you to see what you have without taking too much space.

store blankets

If you have lots of blankets and you are tired of storing them on the floor, consider using storage cubes. These containers can store up to 60 liters of blankets, and they are only six inches tall. They are ideal for storing seasonal bedding and overflow bedding without taking up valuable floor space. They also feature a clear top panel with handles all around. When not in use, storage cubes fold flat for easy access.

Storage ottomans

Whether you need storage for your heated blankets or you want to keep them out of sight, storage ottomans are the ideal solution. They offer ample space and can even be used as a seat or footrest. During cooler months, they can be stored in the attic or basement. You can also opt for under-the-bed storage bags. They provide easy access to your blankets and protect them from dust and moths.

Despite its name, a storage ottoman is a stylish piece of furniture that has an internal compartment for storing blankets. The lid is padded and stays open when not in use. A storage ottoman is ideal for blankets, throw pillows and extra throws. The best thing about an ottoman is that it looks beautiful and can serve multiple purposes. The best ottomans can double as coffee tables or extra seats. Some ottomans also serve as laundry baskets.

Storage ladders

Storage ladders for blankets are great solutions for those with limited floor space. They have multiple rungs for holding small items, such as blankets, and can be used as coat holders, too. The slim black design is easy to fit in small spaces, and they also feature a rectangular mirror for easy check-ups before leaving the house. There are several types of ladders on the market, and each one has different purposes.

This blanket ladder has a unique two-tone design, featuring natural rungs and black painted sides. There are four hooks along the top of the ladder that can be easily moved. It is also flexible enough to hold a variety of blanket sizes. The wide rungs are ideal for hanging a wide variety of blankets, though it is not recommended for hanging wet towels. This rack is made of manufactured wood, and comes with an anti-tip kit.


A suitcase is the most obvious way to store blankets, but there are many other storage options that work just as well. You can find vintage suitcases at garage sales or flea markets, or even raid your parents’ attic. A vintage, off-white suitcase is a great choice because it adds character to a room, while matching the color scheme. A traditional suitcase, however, is a better choice if you have more than a few blankets.

Before packing your blankets, make sure you clean them. If you’re storing your blankets for a long period of time, you’ll need to make sure they’re pressed. Luckily, this task isn’t too hard, and the finished product will be flawless when put away in a case. One of the most convenient storage options is a vacuum-sealed bag. These bags can fit a full blanket and can be stored underneath the bed or on a shelf.


If you’re in a hurry or don’t have a lot of floor space, a wall-mounted hanging rack may be the answer. Instead of taking up floor space, these racks have rungs or rails that hang down from the wall. Folded blankets can easily be placed on the racks and can serve as displays for your blanket collection. If you’re trying to save floor space, look for smaller versions of larger pieces.

Old bookcases are another great storage option. This style allows you to place blankets on top of them, while leaving the top free to display photos or a lava lamp. To display extra blankets, use a rattan basket, wire storage, or bookcase. You can even hang baby blankets on the back of the door. You’ll thank yourself later! But if you’re looking for the most beautiful way to store blankets, racks are the way to go.


Blanket storage is important during the cold winter months. Whether they are for snuggling under the covers or for display, blankets need to be easily accessible. Decorative storage is also helpful. There are many ways to store your blankets, from hidden spaces to beautiful displays. Here are some of the most common options:

Use a low credenza to store folded blankets. Or, use a coat rack with long arms. Fold a blanket and hang it over the arm of the rack or loop it through the coat hanger. This is an ideal storage solution for blankets. You will not have to worry about losing your blankets if they are stored in these stylish containers. In addition to the obvious storage options, blanket storage is a great way to display your collection!

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