6 Best Small Pets For Children And Small Spaces

Best Pets For Children

This article shows you the best small pets for children and small spaces, evaluated by habitat area, feeding difficulties, the cost of time and energy, etc.

Absolutely, dogs and cats have a lot of attractive advantages, but if you want to feed a dog or cat well, you must have enough space at home.

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Why Small Pets Are Good For Children?

Having a small pet can teach children important lessons, such as being able to trust others and being able to handle situations that are different from their own. Children who grow up around pets exhibit higher levels of empathy and confidence than those who do not.

Having a small pet can also help children develop their responsibility skills without the stress of having to take care of a large pet. This eliminates the need for children to deal with the many responsibilities that come with owning a pet.

Unfortunately, small pets have shorter lifespans than larger ones. This can be a serious issue, but it allows you to teach your child about loss. It can also help foster respect for all living creatures.

However, before you buy a pet for your family, you must take care of yourself and your children first.

Best Turtle Pets For Children: Red Ear Slider

Turtle Pets For Children Red Ear Slider

Red Ear Slider

Feeding Difficulty: Easy (★★★★★)

Spending Time With Turtles

If fed correctly, it can live for up to 20 years. Theoretically, the red ear slider can live longer, but there is a big difference between home feeding and their original habitat, and it is hard to tell if they will live to that age.

Habitat Area

Generally, it needs at least 6 times the size of the dorsal nail water body area and provides sunlight. If sunlight is not enough, use UVB light to reduce the probability of it getting sick.

Environmental Needs

This kind of turtle is very common in the market, it is relatively skinny and good to feed, the requirements for the environment are not that high, if you can, I suggest you pretend a water purification device, it will make it easy for you.

If you don’t have a water purification device, then you need to change the water regularly, after all, turtles are prone to rotten skin and nail decay in the long run when they eat and excrement mix together. However, you should not change the water too often, changing half or one-third of the water each time. If it is tap water, it is best to dry it in the sun for 2 days before replacing it.

It is important to note that the number one killer of turtles is not actually low temperature, but temperature difference. Therefore, for areas where there is a large temperature difference between day and night, you should pay attention to the corner where you put your tortoise, and it is best to have a relatively small change in temperature or provide insulation equipment.

Turtle feeding is also relatively simple, you can buy dried shrimp, and turtle food on it, but also resistant to storage. If there are small fish and shrimp, the turtle will also hunt for food.

Where To Buy

Red Ear Slider is really very common and cheap, and you can buy palm-sized turtles at local markets.

Funny Of Feeding

Turtles are actually very energetic and interactive with their owners in the summer when their metabolism is high.

This is why there is often a joke on the internet that “feeding a turtle is like feeding a dog”.

Children can observe the turtles crawling and if you have more than one, you can stack them together.

Avoid and reminder

Some of the more expensive species of turtles are prone to disease, some have a certain aggressiveness and strong bite (such as snapping turtles), which can easily bring harm and is not recommended for children.

The “painted turtle” in the market, which is a nice pattern painted on the shell of the turtle. This practice is very harmful to the turtle, and these are turtle hatchlings, very fragile. It is hard to feed, and easy to die.

Best Gecko Pets For Children: Leopard Gecko

Gecko Pets For Children Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko

Feeding Difficulty: Medium (★★★☆☆)

The lifespan of Gecko

The lifespan of the leopard gecko is 8 to 12 years, and the lifespan of the crested gecko can be up to 10 years or more.

Habitat Area

The minimum area of the bottom of the living box is the size of A4 paper. The crested gecko needs a vertical high box, and the leopard gecko needs a horizontal box.

The larger the rearing area is, the better. The environment is large enough to add hiding plants or backdrops to avoid the emotional tension of the gecko caused by the emptiness.

Environmental Needs

Both the crested gecko and the leopard gecko are small lizards that are common and easy to take care of. The former lives in the rainforest and needs high humidity and low temperature (optimum temperature 71-80°F), while the latter lives in the desert and needs low humidity (no special control) and high temperature(around 86°F in the high temperature area) , so you can choose according to your preference and the conditions you can provide.

Although they are still relatively hard, I think the difficulty of raising them is medium. In addition to the temperature or humidity need to buy equipment to control, whether it is acceptable to buy live insect feed is also a problem to consider.

The main diet of the crested gecko is puree mixed with calcium and vitamin powder, which can be bought online as a special diet. And it is best to feed some crickets or bread worms occasionally, while the main diet of the leopard gecko is insects mixed with calcium and vitamin powder. There are also insect gels on the market that are made with hot water, and some dead insects, but the geckos may not eat them.

Where To Buy Geckos?

There are markets and online studios that do breeding. It is recommended to pick them up in person, not only to confirm the health status of the gecko(such as whether there is a bad body condition with toothpick tails, etc.), but also to avoid violent transportation and weather too cold and too hot caused by broken tails or even death.

If you are a newbie to feeding geckos, we are recommended to start with a subadult or adult, the health of the gecko will be better.

Funny Of Feeding

Compared to beetles and fish, the geckos are easier for children to feel, close to, and behave a bit more abundantly. However, it is still mainly ornamental and not very interactive, and actually, the gecko doesn’t REMEMBER their owners.

After getting used to getting along with the geckos, it can satisfy the child’s need to touch and pet the pet. But not too much, by nature they do not like to be touched, especially the crested gecko, the temperature of the palm of the hand is very hot for them.

Also, we all know the story of the gecko’s broken tail regeneration, but the regenerated tail is not the same as the original tail, there is no tailbone inside. And the crested gecko will not grow a regenerative tail at all, so children should be careful when interacting with the crested gecko to the weight of the force, and do not deliberately break the tail because of curiosity.

Another funny part of feeding the gecko is setting up the feeding environment: children can look up information, conceptualize environmental planning, select products, and set up with their own hands, which is a good learning experience.


The Bearded dragon and the blue-tongued lizards are also relatively common lizard pets, but they are slightly more difficult to feed. In addition to the purchase of various equipment, in terms of diet, blue-tongued lizards are fine, but Bearded dragons need live insects and fresh fruits and vegetables, and whether they can accept finished food varies from individual to individual. They are big and strong, and their sharp claws may scratch the skin, so if the child is too small or choose carefully.

Beetle Pets For Children

Beetle Pets For Children


Feeding Difficulty: Easy (★★★★☆)

There are so many kinds of beetles that it’s hard to get them all, especially since some of them have very unusual patterns and colors. However, it’s not as hard as it sounds since there are several techniques that can be used to raise long-lived or large individuals.

Spending Time With Beetles

Adult beetles vary in length from species to species. Some can live for several months, while others can live for up to a year. Since their lifespan is not long, it’s ideal for children who are interested in learning more about beetles.

Habitat Area

If you want to have a general idea about the size of the beetle, then a 2 to 3L take-out lunch box is ideal for the larvae, while an A4 size box for the adults will meet their needs.

Environmental Needs

The only environmental arrangement that’s needed for the larvae is to keep them inside a dark place. They should be placed in boxes full of wood chips, and they should be regularly checked. Also, they should not move around while they’re pupating.

The environment for the adult beetles is usually made up of wood chips, jelly tables, and bark. This ensures that they’ll not tip over and die after exhausting themselves due to their continuous struggle.

Both the adult and larvae wood chips are resistant to storage, and they can eat the fruit that humans eat. However, since the fruit will eventually go rancid, it’s not as nutritious as beetle jelly.

The temperature requirements for the adult and larvae beetles vary depending on the species. For instance, adult beetles require a temperature of around 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. If your home is too cold, then a heating pad should be prepared.

Where To Buy

Online shops sell larvae beetles. They’re also available in brick-and-mortar establishments. Although they’re less prone to accidents when they’re transported, it’s important to note that pet beetles have been known to be smuggled. By choosing to keep native beetles, you can lower the risk of getting them into an accident.

Funny Of Feeding

During the early stages of their life, it’s easy to feel like breeding. Parents must keep the children’s curiosity aside, as they may want to inspect the larvae periodically to check if they’ve changed. Once it becomes an adult, it’s usually for viewing. This allows people to get a close-up view of the beetle as it flies around or crawls around.

The main disadvantage of keeping a beetle is that it’s not interactive, and children may get bored of it after a while. It has spines and hooks on its feet, and it should be kept away from people and objects to prevent it from hurting itself. However, after it dies, you can still make a specimen by matching some reagents.


In recent years, children have been more likely to raise various types of spiders, including some that are non-toxic. However, parents should be careful since these can potentially cause allergic reactions.

A lot of people are also fascinated by the sound spread and the appearance of hermit crabs, which are usually equipped with sophisticated sets. Unfortunately, these creatures require a lot of water and sand to survive, and it can be very time-consuming to keep them. These sets can usually cost hundreds of dollars, which is not ideal for small families.

Best Bird Pets For Children: Budgerigar 

Best Small Pets For Children Budgerigar 


Feeding Difficulty: Easy (★★★★☆)

Spending Time With Parrot

The life span of Budgerigar is 7 to 10 years.

Habitat Area

Two budgerigars need a minimum rectangular cage of 403050 cm, if you have the conditions, bigger is better.

Environmental Needs

Since budgerigars have a long history of being pets, there is a wide range of products that are ideal for feeding them, such as waterers, cages, nests, and standing poles. However, before you buy anything, it’s important to read the experiences of others so that you can make an informed choice.

Although their calls are not as unpleasant as they would be if they were cats, budgerigars still love to scream and can’t be trained to keep quiet. If you’re not sure if you can handle this type of bird, you can try taking a video of it and testing it in the store. Besides being warm during the winter season, they also avoid getting exposed to the sun during the summer.

There are two types of parrots that are suitable for breeding, the Gentoo and the peony are more difficult to care for. Also, the bite of a peony parrot is more forceful, which can be dangerous for children who want to raise them.

Where To Buy

It can be purchased in pet stores, but it’s still important to check the health of the bird before you adopt it. Also, it’s recommended to pick it up in person to avoid getting it violently transported.

Funny Of Feeding

Even if you’re not able to raise them, a budgerigar will still interact with children. If you want to teach them basic commands, or you want to raise them from scratch, then keeping them loose can be a bit challenging. This process can be very rewarding as it allows you to let your child practice and learn.


It’s very exciting to see the babies, the mother may not be able to produce them if she keeps laying eggs. If you want to prevent the bird from laying eggs, you can try preparing fake ones.

Best Rabbit Pets For Children: Netherland Dwarf

Best Rabbit Pets For Children Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf 

Feeding Difficulty: Medium (★★★☆☆)

Although hamsters, guinea pigs, and Netherland Dwarfs are some of the most common small mammal pets, there are still a few breeding misconceptions that prevent people from raising rabbits.

Spending Time With Rabbit

The life span of a Netherland Dwarf is 7 to 10 years.

Habitat Area

The adult weight of the Netherland dwarf is not large, it’s about 2 pounds. According to its get-down, it’s about the same length as a rabbit.

Medium-sized rabbit cages are generally ideal for the Netherland dwarf. If you have the conditions right, you can increase the cage’s size.

Environmental Needs

A weaned rabbit will require a cage, a water bowl, food, and bedding. Other than these, other items such as hay and teething stones are also needed.

Rabbits can learn to go to the toilet, but the speed of learning will vary.

Feeding rabbits is usually done with a moderate amount of food and grass, as well as a diet consisting of a moderate amount of food and alfalfa and tolerant grass for young ones. They should not be fed anything that people eat, and rumors about them not being able to drink water are not true.

It’s important to check your rabbit’s nails and teeth regularly. If they are too long, they can be cut by yourself, and they might need to be sent to a veterinarian for treatment. Also, regardless of whether they’re male or female, they should be spayed or neutered to avoid various health problems, such as false pregnancy and urine spraying.

People think that rabbits are comfortable, just a little more cold and heat-resistant than people. They should be avoided getting sunstroke during the summer.

Where To Buy

You can buy them online or local market. It’s important to find a reliable pet store and a good rabbit breeding facility. Make sure that the rabbit is getting enough solid food.

The price of a Netherland Dwarf varies depending on its color, pedigree, and female production. Also, the stronger the young rabbits, the more expensive they are.

Funny Of Feeding

A Netherland Dwarf is a bit like a cat for fun, but it’s more controllable and has a smaller feeding footprint. Compared to cats, they are less likely to be interactive, are less capable of learning, and are less likely to be clingy.

Best Fish Pets For Children: Guppy

Best Fish Pets For Children Blue Guppy


Feeding Difficulty: Easy (★★★★☆)

Spending Time With Ornamental Fish

The life span of guppy is 2 to 3 years; the life span of goldfish is 3 to 5 years, up to 7 years; the life span of koi may be more than 20 years, up to 60 years.

Habitat Area

There is a saying “one liter of water for one centimeter of fish”. When estimating in this way, you should pay attention to how big the fish can grow, whether there is anything else in the tank to occupy the space, etc.

Environmental Needs

The saying goes that “fish first water,” and whether it’s cold water or tropical fish, the difficulty in feeding can be apparent with the high requirements of this fish.

A filter can also be used to keep the water clean and provide the Peacock fish with adequate oxygen. This can be done by smashing the surface of the water flow.

Tropical fish, such as the Peacock fish, need a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. However, indoors, they can still meet this temperature. If the temperature is too low, they need a heating rod.

Cold water fish, such as grass goldfish, can also require a filter. These fish use the same water changes as the peacock fish.

Where To Buy

Besides being found in aquarium stores, they can also be found in playgrounds and other similar areas. Although they are not as expensive as they seem, it’s still recommended to get the cheaper ones first. There is much selective breeding of Peacock fish available, and their quality can vary significantly.

Funny Of Feeding

Although fish are very popular as ornamental pets, they can also be kept in a tank to maintain their swimming posture. You can also add more fish to the tank after you have started.

Peacock fish are very fertile, and their egg birth method makes them easy to live with. This makes them great fish pets for children.


Siamese fighting fish, Tetra, and other fish are also very common, but I do not recommend the first one to start. These fish want to raise a large tail, and they need to be kept in a well-ventilated area. Also, they need to control the pH level of the water.

Bottom Line

Although we have recommended a few best small pets for kids and small spaces, we would like to remind you again that “you should not be impulsive in getting a pet”! Be sure to take care of yourself and your children’s daily lives before you consider introducing a new “family member”.

Moreover, once you have a pet, you must be responsible for it to the end, do not abandon it in the middle. After all, the ultimate goal is for children, families, and small pets to live happily together.

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