How to Grow Aeonium Aureum?

Aeonium Aureum

Have you ever seen a plant that looks like a hand to you? If you haven’t, then you’re about to see one. Aeonium Aureum is a succulent that is a duplicate of your hand. It has a long stem that opens into 5-6 short leaves that look like fingers.

This succulent is native to the Canary Islands. The leaves of this plant are of green color, while the flowers are of bright yellow color. Many people grow this plant in their backyard and inside their homes. If you’re planning on growing this succulent in your house, then you must look into a few tips that might come useful. 

Aeonium Aureum Care


Aeonium Aureum is a succulent that thrives best in partial to medium sunlight. If you’re planning on growing this succulent in your house, you must have an arrangement in a semi-shaded place where your plant is safe from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is a troublemaker. Not only it burns down the leaves, but sometimes plants are also exposed to fungus because of it. If you’re growing your plant inside your house, you must keep it near a window or windowsill where it can receive indirect light. Sometimes, plant owners consider Aeonium Aureum an indoor plant and don’t place them in sunlight. As a result, the plant stops its growth and eventually dies.  


Soil is perhaps one of the most important aspects of growing an Aeonium Aureum. Soil plays an important role as nearly all succulents require well-draining soil. If your soil can’t drain the access water properly, you might have to face some serious problems. What happens is that the excess water causes the root to suffocate as it is unable to get the required sunlight and air. This leads to root rot, where your plant’s root dies. To avoid this problem, you must opt for soil that is well-draining and not that moist. The best kind of soil is perlite mixed with a little sand. 


During extreme summers and autumns, Aeonium Aureum requires water quite frequently. This is because this succulent prefers moist soil, and watering it frequently would improve its growing process. However, when the plant is usually dormant, consistently watering during winters might lead to over-watering. One can always use the soak-and-dry method to avoid this problem. In this method, you’ll have to poke your finger into the soil after watering your plant. If it’s a little moist, your plant is safe from over-watering. This is how you can save your plant from this disease. 

Temperature and Humidity 

Although there isn’t a specific range in which it is mandatory to grow Aeonium Aureum, if you’re planning on growing it, then you must know the limitations. From late winter to spring, this plant grows at the fastest rate. During this period, the temperature ranges from 60-75 Fahrenheit, which is ideal for your plant. This plant prefers a humid environment, so you should grow it somewhere where the humidity level is high. However, you must ensure the place isn’t too damp, as too much humidity might kill this plant. 


Aeonium Aureum is one of those plants that require fertilizer. Although this succulent isn’t a very heavy feeder, giving fertilizer to your plant in its blooming period would boost its growing process. You should give fertilizer to your Aeonium Aureum in winter and spring. The best kind of fertilizer that can be used in any diluted fertilizer. Ensure you don’t give a concentrated fertilizer, as that over-dose might kill the plant. 

Aeonium Aureum

Aeonium Aureum Propagation 

Aeonium Aureum is a beautiful plant, so people tend to go for propagation. The best way to propagate your plant is through cuttings. The first step is to cut a normal amount of this plant’s stems from the roots. Afterward, you’ll have to keep these stem cuttings in a water-filled container. After somewhile, you’ll witness small roots coming out of the plant. That is when you’ll have to repot the plant into a container with soil. Voila, you’ll have a brand new Aeonium Aureum at your home. 

Pests and Plant diseases 

Pests Diseases

Aeonium Aureum isn’t a good friend of pests as they are less likely to pay a visit to your [plant. However, sometimes pests like aphids and spider mites might attack your plant. They get stuck on your plant’s leaves and cause trouble. You can use a medicine or water sprayer to get rid of them. 

Plant Diseases

Plant diseases common in Aeonium Aureum are root rot and black root. Both are a cause of over-watering and excess sunlight. You must protect your plant from over-watering and extreme sunlight exposure to get rid of them. 

This is how you can grow Aeonium Aureum at your house. At first, it might seem difficult to grow this plant, but as soon as you get the hang of it, it will become easy. I hope this information helps you out.

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