How to Grow Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran?

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Have you ever wondered if there are roses of other colors? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran is a succulent that looks like a rose and is green in color.

This succulent belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is mainly found in Mexico. One interesting fact about this plant is that it changes its shape and behavior according to the change in the climate. 

white succulent Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran
White and Green

How to Care for Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran 

Like all succulents, this plant also has the same requirements that need to be fulfilled before planning on growing them. There isn’t any rule that needs to be followed; these are just a few basic requirements that you need to follow in order to grow a healthy plant! 


Usually, succulents do not have any specific requirements for soil. However, if one plans to grow Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran with full potential, they must meet the requirements. Like all succulents, this plant also requires well-draining and open soil. Suppose you choose soil that doesn’t drain up water that quickly, then you might face some consequences like root rot. The best mixture isn’t present, but you must consider using potting soil for succulents as they have proven to be helpful. 


As with most succulents, the best time to water your plant is when the soil has completely dried up. However, watering mostly depends on climatic conditions. If the plant is being grown where there are summers most of the time, it is advisable to water your plant once or twice a day. Watering can be delayed if it’s being grown where winters are common. 

The way you’re watering your plant is also important. If you directly pour water on top of your plant, it might get hurt, and the water may stay on the surface of the soil for a few hours, which might cause root rot. Please pour water from the side of the plant so that the water goes straight into the root. 


If you’re planning on growing your Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran outdoors, you might have to look for bright sunlight. If this plant is exposed to bare sunlight, it might get burnt and eventually die. It is better that you keep it indoors so that it remains safe.

However, this does not mean that it does not require sunlight. It does, and one should give at least 4-5 hours of sunlight daily. 

If one plans to grow their plant indoors, they’ll have to provide the plant with artificial sunlight to keep growing. 

Temperature And Humidity 

Temperature requirements are not that necessary for succulents. However, one should have an idea about when to be cautious. Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran can grow in mild temperatures, but if temperatures drop to negative degrees, these plants can’t survive. They might catch frostbite, which will lead to its death. Moreover, excessive heat can destroy the plant’s attractiveness during summers when the heat and sunlight are at their peak.  

In humid regions, one should be careful as over-watering can lead to root rot. As the soil is already wet, it does not require much water and should not be watered. 


Fertilizers aren’t required by Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran. It all depends on the owner’s preference. The plant can be given a low nitrogen solution in 4-5 months. Excessive nutrients can damage the plant. 


With such a beautiful plant, everyone would wish to propagate them. Surprisingly, the propagation process is quite easy and requires minimal effort. You can use the offsets of your plant and pot it in a new container. Wait for the baby plant, and then water it properly. 

Pests and Plant Diseases 

Pests Diseases

The common type of pests that attack succulents is mealybugs and aphids. These two are the same ones that attack Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran. These pests stick to the succulent and start to eat it. To get rid of such pests, one can use an anti-infection spray on them daily so that these pests are eliminated.

Plant Diseases

Plant diseases in such types of succulents are through the actions of humans. Moreover, if one isn’t cleaning their plant, the plant is exposed to fungal diseases. To avoid these diseases, one should be careful while watering their plant. Even if any disease occurs, you should consult a professional gardener who might help you out. 


These above requirements are quite necessary for the growth of Echeveria Prolifica Moran & J.Meyran. Although it may seem like growing such succulents is really hard, once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy.

I hope you enjoy growing this as much as I enjoyed writing this.

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