How To Grow Saxifraga Stolonifera Curt?

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Our world is full of wonders. Now and then, scientists are discovering new species. One great finding is the strawberry-shaped plant. This plant is known as Saxifraga stolonifera curt.

You might assume it is not a common type of plant by its name, and yes, it is true. Saxifraga stolonifera curt, also known as strawberry geranium, is a small plant with many oval-shaped leaves of dark green color.

This plant can grow up to a height of 4-12 inches, depending upon the growing conditions. If you’re planning on growing this plant in your house, then there are a few guidelines that you should consider before deciding to grow this in your backyard. 

Saxifraga Stolonifera Curt

Saxifraga Stolonifera Curt Care


You might have heard that plants aren’t great friends with direct sunlight. However, this is not the case for Saxifraga stolonifera curt. This plant thrives in bright sunlight, and it is advisable to plant or place them somewhere where sunlight is present. If you’re planning on growing this plant at your house, you should have a spot on the north or east-facing side like this plant, like overhead lighting. This doesn’t mean that you always keep your plant in sunlight. Too much direct light can damage your plant. The leaves might get burnt and finish the beauty of your plant. 


Saxifraga stolonifera court has the same soil requirement as its other counterparts. The first and foremost point that needs to be kept in mind before deciding which soil to go for is that the soil must be well-draining. plants are quite fragile to water. The slightest bit of over-watering can destroy them. If you’re planning on keeping a Saxifraga stolonifera curt, you must go for soil mixed with perlite and sand, as they are good for plants. This kind of soil doesn’t let water stay on the surface of the soil and drains the water down quickly.

Saxifraga Stolonifera Curt with pot


This houseplant has a different set of requirements for watering. Saxifraga stolonifera curt likes moist soil; hence, you’ll have to keep watering it regularly. However, you should be aware of the consequences of over-watering. If you’ll over-water your Saxifraga stolonifera curt, it will lead to your plant’s death. What happens is that the excess water stays on the soil for too long that light and air are unable to reach the roots, which leads the root to rot. Hence you should water your plant in an adequate amount. 

Temperature and Humidity 

Although Saxifraga stolonifera court doesn’t have a specific temperature in which they are grown, one should consider the temperature range in which this plant thrives. Surprisingly, this plant can bear cold temperatures. The range of temperature is from 8-35 degree centigrade. If you’re planning on growing this plant in regions with extreme weather conditions, you must watch out for frostbite or leaf burn. As far as humidity is concerned, Saxifraga stolonifera curt likes moist places, which means it prefers high humidity. Even if your place has less humidity, you can always consider watering your plant more often to avoid dry conditions. 


Fertilizing your plant isn’t as important as it looks but giving a treat to your plant every 4-5 months would improve your Saxifraga’s growth. The best time to fertilize your plant would be from the start of spring till mid-summer. This period is considered one of the best for plants as they thrive the best. The best fertilizer for this plant would be the houseplant-labeled fertilizer. This fertilizer will give all the required nutrients for your Saxifraga stolonifera curt to grow in the best way. 


Propagation of Saxifraga stolonifera curt can be done in many ways. The few ways are plantlet cuttings and division. Both methods are successful, but division is considered the better option. In division, you must first water your plant 24 hours before carrying out the process. Afterward, you’ll have to split some of the soil and the plant’s rhizomes into another container. After splitting it, you must water it and then wait for a few days. Finally, you’ll see small baby roots coming out of your new Saxifraga stolonifera curt. That’s when you’ll know that your propagation was successful. 

Big Saxifraga Stolonifera Curt

Pests diseases and Plant diseases

Mealybugs and whitefly are common enemies of Saxifraga stolonifera curt. There is no place on earth where a plant is safe from them. Hence if you’re growing this plant, you should be aware of such pests. Getting rid of them isn’t an issue. You can spray water o medicine over your plant and easily get rid of them.

Almost all plant diseases are caused by over-watering. Common diseases for your plant are root rot and heart rot. One should avoid over-watering to get rid of such diseases easily.

Bottom Line

By now, you must have a brief idea of how to grow a Saxifraga stolonifera curt at your house. It may sound difficult at first, but you’ll face no problem once you get the hang of it. I hope the information I provided turns out useful for you.

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