How to Grow Sedum ‘Golden Glow’?

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A hybrid succulent having unknown parents, the Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ takes the shape of a rosette. The whole plant appears in the form of a shrub, with many small rosettes arranged together.

The 2.4-inch succulent has a green-golden color with copper-colored border leaves. The leaves are plump and hefty and turn red from the tips when exposed to full sun. 

Sedum Golden Glow care

Growth and Care of The Sedum ‘Golden Glow’


Sunlight is a succulent’s best friend, but an overdose is toxic. The Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ will look The Best when the plant is properly exposed to sunlight every day. Its leaves will take up reddish hues on the border. According to experts, the Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ should at least get six hours of proper light each day. But that does not mean you leave the plant to burn under the scorching afternoon sun! Instead, place the plants under the morning sun when it is bright but not dangerous! 

Now, we know that might be a lot for days when there’s barely any sunshine to soak the plants. Usually, this happens a lot in the winter months. However, one way you can solve this problem is by using artificial lights. You can put up artificial lights such as light spectrum to mimic the growth you would get outdoors. 

Some light is so much better than keeping your Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ in complete shade. 


Water is important to keep the Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ healthy and growing! However, too much water will be the death of your plant. Overwatering can be detrimental as it can cause root rots and the growth of pests! 

Sedum ‘Golden Glow’s watering needs vary with seasons. More sunlight is directly proportional to more water. When the plant is exposed to full, bright sun in the summer season, it needs water once every week. However, watering it once in two weeks will be enough in the winter months when the plant lives under partial shade. 

The ‘soak and dry’ method is the most effective method to water succulents. You keep watering until the soil is completely soaked with water and wait to water again until the soil is dried up. 


Grainy, porous, and good drainage plant is imperative for plants to stay healthy! Especially for potted plants, soil with drain holes is important to avoid overwatering. Moreover, high porosity means higher air circulation, which creates a healthy living environment for the plants. 

Be careful with soils that release moisture at a higher rate in heat because they dry up fast and need water frequently! 

A good choice for grainy soil is sand with gravel (both with an equal ratio).  


The succulent can live and grow without fertilizer. Do not fertilize until it is necessary! When you notice Sedum ‘Golden Glow’s growth rate has decreased, use 25% concentrated fertilizer to provide a nutrient-rich environment to bolster growth. 

Diluting fertilizers is necessary since they can contain strong chemicals that can adversely affect plants.

Temperature and Humidity

The Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ is a versatile succulent that can thrive in the extreme summer heat and cold. It can survive in hardiness zones rated 3a to 9b. 

Sedum Golden Glow with pot

Propagating and Repotting

Repotting the plant is a good idea when it has overgrown the pot it is currently residing in. Usually, the spring season is considered a good time to perform repotting; however, don’t forget to wait until the soil has completely dried up to change the plant’s residence. 

Leaves and cuttings (of the plant) are ways of propagating the Sedum ‘Golden Glow’. ‘Dividing the plant’ is also a way to propagate, but it isn’t too popular. 

Leaf Cuttings

Propagating with leaf cuttings is a simple and fast method. Take a sharp blade and cut out a fleshy leaf from the plant. Ensure none of the leaf parts remains on the stem. Let the leaf sit for a few days until it is calloused, and then plant it in well-draining soil, and that’s it. 


Use a knife to cut out a part of Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ and let it dry up for a few days. After it is calloused completely, plant it and water it when the soil dries up. 

Pests and Plant Diseases in Sedum ‘Golden Glow’

Pests Diseases 

Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ remains free of diseases and infections but sometimes gets caught by the troublesome pests called mealy bugs. These can be annoying to remove firstly because they can even reside in every corner of the plant, and secondly, they have a protective layer that makes them nonchalant to pesticides. To get rid of them, you must spray isopropyl solution multiple times until every bug hasn’t been killed. 

Plant Diseases

Root rots are a common plant disease among succulents caused by overwatering. Use the ‘soak and dry’ method to prevent overwatering the plants.


With the right environment and proper care, you can easily grow a healthy Sedum ‘Golden Glow’ in your home!

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