How to Grow Strelitzia Reginae?

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Have you ever seen a plant that looks like a hummingbird? Strelitzia reginae is a multi-color plant that looks exactly like a hummingbird. The colors of this plant have been so attractive that one never misses an opportunity to see this plant. The other name for this plant is the bird of paradise.

The name this plant got was because of the three colors it possesses. The bright colors are orange and different kinds of blue. As this plant is so precious, if you’re planning to grow this in your garden, you should first look into the details of growing a healthy Strelitzia reginae at your house.

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Strelitzia Reginae Care 


The sunlight requirement is the first and foremost step towards growing Strelitzia reginae at your house. Like most plants, Strelitzia reginae also does not require a lot of sunlight. This succulent requires bright sunlight for some time during the day so that it blooms well. However, this doesn’t mean you keep placing your plant in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight affects your plan in ways you cannot imagine. First, it burns down your plant’s leaves. Secondly, your plant stops its growth. To keep your Strelitzia reginae safe, you must find a semi-shaded spot so that it stays healthy. If you’re planning on growing this succulent inside, you must keep your plant near a window or the door to receive the required sunlight. 


Until now, the best kind of soil hasn’t been found for plants; however, plant owners have derived soil, a mixture of many substances. Like all plants, Strelitzia reginae also requires well-draining soil. Drainage is one of the most important aspects of growing a plant. If your soil doesn’t drain water well, then your plant may face the problem of root rot and other similar kinds of diseases. The excess water, due to poor drainage, clogs the soil and doesn’t allow air and sunlight to reach the roots, which causes the plant to die. The perfect soil for your Strelitzia reginae is sand mixed with perlite. 


Watering is perhaps one of the most important procedures in growing a plant at your house. Every plant requires a different set of watering procedures. Same goes for Sterlitzia reginae. This plant requires a watering procedure that involves a continuous water supply. This is because it requires a moist environment. However, one should ensure they do not over-water their plant as over-watering has some extreme problems. First, it destroys your plant, and second, it leaves it with many diseases that cannot be cured. Hence, one should monitor their watering cycle and observe the plant’s overall condition and requirements before watering it. 

Temperature and Humidity 

The temperature requirement for Strelitzia reginae is the same as its other counterparts. This plant prefers a temperature ranging from 20-35 degree centigrade. This means that you’ll have to protect your plant from extreme temperatures. In extreme summers, you should keep your strelitzia reginae at a place where direct sunlight doesn’t reach. On the other hand, if you’re growing your plant where extreme winters are common, you’ll have to be extra careful as this plant is vulnerable to frostbite and recovers slowly. The recovery cases are called miracles as Strelitzia reginae dies when it gets involved with frostbite. As far as humidity is concerned, this plant requires humid environments. If you’re growing your plant in a less humid area, keep a spray bottle near your plant. 


Strelitzia reginae is a plant that thrives if you provide it with a treat now and then. The best time you can provide your plant is from spring to summer. This period is considered the best as, during this period, every plant grows at its fastest rate; hence a small treat once a week will be quite beneficial for your plant. The best kind of fertilizer for your plant can be a liquid fertilizer. You should check the packing of the fertilizer before buying it as sometimes people mix the liquid fertilizer with others and then complain.

Strelitzia Reginae Propagation

The best ways of propagating Strelitzia reginae are by division and sowing seeds. Division and sowing are among the best, as it involves 0 costs and less effort. You’ll have to take the plant’s rhizomes and potting them into another pot. After this, you’ll have to wait for a new plant to grow. 

Pests diseases and Plant diseases

The common types of pests that invade your Strelitzia reginae are aphids and whiteflies. They get stuck on your plants’ leaves and cause trouble, such as leaf decay or leaf holes. You must spray water or light medicine on your plant to get rid of them. 

Over-watering is the root cause of plant diseases in your Strelitzia reginae. The common types of diseases are root rot and black root. The excess water doesn’t allow the plant to breathe or get sunlight, and it eventually dies. To avoid these problems, you must monitor your plant’s watering cycle.

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