How to Replace a Rusted Toilet Flange?

If you’re experiencing problems with your toilet, it could be due to a rusty toilet flange. The toilet flange is an essential component that holds the toilet bowl in place and seals the floor against the drain waste pipe. Over time, the flange can rust and wear out, compromising the stability of your toilet.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of replacing a rusted toilet flange before it breaks down completely and causes a potential disaster in your bathroom. We’ll show you how to safely remove the bolts holding the flange in place and remodel the subfloor to ensure a secure fit for your new flange.

How to Replace a Rusted Toilet Flange

If your toilet flange is rusted, you need to replace it to avoid leaks and other plumbing problems. Here are the steps to replace a rusted toilet flange:

Step 1: Removing the Toilet Bowl

To remove the toilet bowl, you should first turn off the main water line of the toilet. Then, flush off the toilet to empty the tank and use a wrench to disconnect it from the water supply hose. Look at the bottom of the toilet where 2 bolts hold it with the floor. Remove the bolts using a screwdriver and place the toilet carefully on an old towel or newspaper.

Step 2: Removing the Old and Rusted Toilet Flange

To remove the rusted toilet flange, you must first block the outflow pipe using a few pieces of newspaper. Use a putty knife to scrape off the old wax ring from the toilet flange. Then, apply a rust cleaner or regular home cleaner to remove the rust and pry off the screws. You can conveniently lift the PVC toilet flange with gasket seals after removing the screws. If the toilet flange is made of cast iron, you should call a plumber for the job.

Step 3: Choose the Right Toilet Flange Replacement

To choose the right toilet flange for replacement, take the old toilet flange to a hardware store or take a picture of the old flange with your smartphone and use it to purchase the matching toilet flange. Measure the interior diameter of the toilet’s outflow pipe properly first. Once you have purchased the new toilet flange, get a new wax ring that appropriately matches the flange diameter.

Step 4: Reinstall the New Toilet Flange

To reinstall the new toilet flange, carefully remove the nuts and bolts from it and set them aside. Place it right on the existing subfloor of the bathroom. Carefully position all the screws and tighten them with the screwdriver. Push the toilet flange directly towards the outflow pipe to sit perfectly on it. Drive in all the screws of the new toilet flange through its holds and right on the bathroom floor. Finally, remove the old towel from the outflow pipe.

Step 5: Remount the Toilet Bowl

To remount the toilet bowl, tilt it up to install the new wax ring at the bottom opening part. Apply mild pressure to attach the wax ring to the toilet bowl bottom securely. Carefully place the toilet over the newly installed flange. Use a wrench to tighten the screws to place the toilet bowl securely. Connect the removed water supply hose with the toilet tank and turn on the main water supply line.

Final Words

In conclusion, replacing a rusted toilet flange is a simple DIY project that you can easily accomplish with the right tools and materials. PVC toilet flanges are the easiest to replace, but with some extra care, you can replace metal toilet flanges as well. Remember to find the right match for the old flange and secure it with screws to the flooring.

If you’re looking to buy a new toilet flange, make sure to choose one that matches the size and material of your old flange. Additionally, here are some tips to keep in mind when replacing a rusted toilet flange:

  • Turn off the water supply before starting the project.
  • Remove any excess wax from the old flange before installing the new one.
  • Use a level to ensure that the toilet sits evenly on the new flange.
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