How To Grow Graptophytum ‘Supreme’?

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The Graptophytum Supreme is categorized as a succulent plant. With an unknown origin, this succulent is known to be a hybrid with an unspecified family. It is characterized by a round shape and has fleshy leaves clustered in rosettes.

The plant takes pale yellow color with some red hue, and its maximum size is not more than 8 inches. If you want to plant succulents successively, do it in the late spring and late winter months.

Usually, these succulents bloom well in the late spring months. At this time, their leaves take an intense pale-yellow color and are dotted with red. 

The Graptophytum Supreme belongs to the family of Crassulaceae, a diverse family of dicotyledon flowering plants. 

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The Graptophytum Supreme Care 

Graptophytum Supreme is a succulent, and plants of this type are very low maintenance in terms of caring. However, if you put a little effort into caring for them, they bloom beautifully! 

Weekly watering of Graptophytum Supreme plants should be enough to keep them healthy. The best method to water them is to soak them with water and then let them dry. But don’t let the plant stay in the water for long periods! Avoid overwatering your plants, as they can be dangerous because they can experience leaf fall or root rots. Similarly, depriving the Graptophytum ‘Supreme’ of water for long periods can be detrimental to its health.  


The Graptophytum ‘Supreme’ is an outdoor plant and doesn’t mind staying fully in the sun outside. Most farmers even grow it outdoors fully, and the Supreme grows up perfectly healthy! The best-looking Graptophytum ‘Supremes’ are the ones that have stayed outdoors in the sunlight! 


Remember, the Graptophytum Supreme can live perfectly in full sunlight but cannot stay alive in too much water. Wash your Graptophytum ‘Supremes’ with water every week, and dry them afterward so the soil dries up. Moreover, avoid watering your plants regularly during the winter, as the plants already find cold weather harsh to survive! 


Like all other succulents, the Graptophytum ‘Supreme’ needs grainy and porous soil with excellent drainage to get maximum air and stay healthy. 

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Temperature and Humidity 

It is quite obvious how much Graptophytum ‘Supreme’ loves the sun, so it is hard for it to survive in cold weather conditions.  


The Graptophytum ‘Supreme’ can survive perfectly without fertilizer but only use 75% diluted fertilizer to bolster growth if needed. 


Graptophytum Supreme Propagation

The Graptophytum Supreme has a lot of options for propagation. Use offsets, seeds, leaves, or even cuttings to propagate it. Below, we will look at how to propagate by the four methods.

Propagation With Leaves

Cut a healthy, full leaf from the parent Graptophytum Supreme. Give it a couple of days before you replant it. Choose porous soil with good drainage and then replant the leaf. Once the soil has no moisture left, start watering the plant well to increase growth. Keeping it outdoors in sunlight will be a good idea to support its growth.  

Propagation With Cuttings

Carefully cut a leaf using a sharp blade or knife and wait a few days for it to dry and harden. Soon after it hardens, plant it using grainy soil. To ensure you get a healthy and bright yellow plant, place it in an area exposed to sunlight. To get a 20cm wide Graptophytum ‘Supreme’, sufficiently water it every week. 

Propagation With Offsets

Although it is hard, propagation with offsets is widely used by farmers worldwide. It’s considered difficult because offsets take years to grow. But once you see offsets growing on your Graptophytum ‘Supreme’, chip it off using a sharp knife, clean it to scrape off excess soil, and let it sit bare for a few days to harden up. Once it dries off, use moist and well-draining soil to replant it. 

Propagation With Seeds

Propagation with seeds is fairly simple but not recommended. This propagation method is unpopular because it is slow, and succulents are already slow growers, so the timeline of growth increases. 

If you have no option other than seed propagation, do the following. Plant the seeds in grainy soil that allows good air circulation. Graptophytum ‘Supreme’ prefers sunlight, so plant it outdoors, but if you live in areas with a cold climate, an indoor plantation is your best bet! 

Common Pests and Plant Diseases Among Graptophytum Supremes

Plant Diseases

Some diseases the succulents can catch are root rots and leaf fall. To avoid the diseases mentioned, make sure you plant the Supreme in good soil, catch enough sunlight, and get sufficient water to remain healthy.


Tiny scale insects and mealy bugs are common among Graptophytum Supremes. To get rid of them, use a spray of alcohol solution. 


The Graptophytum Supremes will stay healthy and free from diseases with the right care and environment. A good balance of water and sunlight is key for a perfect and vibrant succulent. We hope this article was enlightening for you, and now you know how to grow Graptophytum Supremes on your own.

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