How to Grow Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow’?

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A plant that proliferates without low maintenance and minimal effort, the Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow’ is a succulent with 10 inches big rosettes. The name ‘Golden Glow’ was given to it because of its ability to turn golden when exposed to bright sunlight.

Normally, the plant has a lime color, but when it stays in full sun for long hours, it tends to take up a golden color with pink/reddish edges. The plant grows out in a trailing fashion and grows out quickly, which is why it is preferred for rock gardens and pathways.

The leaves start to grow from its center; after growing fully, they fall out and new leaves grow out. The fallen leaves that fall in soil form roots in the soil and grow out as new plants. 

The rosettes are star-like and usually grown in the spring season. The flower is soft and delicate and thus requires to be handled gently while watering. Moreover, don’t overwater the plant and ensure the soil is completely dried up of moisture before watering it. Below, we have crafted a complete guide for you to grow, care for, and propagate the Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow.’

Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow’ Care


The plant prefers full bright morning sun and filtered sun in the afternoon. That is because the morning sun does not have a very high heat intensity; the plant can thrive in the sunlight. However, the afternoon sunshine can potentially burn the leaves. 

It is healthy for the plant to get good morning sunlight for about 6 hours. If the plant is kept outdoors, keep it near the windowsill for most of the day to get the maximum amount of sunlight. 

In winter, ensure the plant is getting sufficient sunlight every day – that is because since the plants are not frost-hardy, they experience harsh living conditions in winter; thus, it is good if long hours of sunlight make up for that. 


A good balance of water and sunlight is essential for the plant to thrive. The relationship between both is directly proportional – the more sunlight the plant receives, the more it should be watered. The plant requires water once the soil is dried up from all moisture. When it receives bright sunlight for long hours, it is inevitable for the soil to dry quickly. 


A well-drainage soil is a key to keeping a plant healthy. A grainy and porous potting mix is considered good for Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow’ because it allows water to pass through the leaves down to the roots and down through the drainage hole. Moreover, the grainy texture of the soil makes room for air circulation, ensuring a healthy environment for the plant. 

It is a good idea to go for potting mixes that have sandy soil or cactus with gravel in a 1:1 ratio. Only sand as a potting mix doesn’t perform well since it tends to compact after a few waterings. The Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow’ cannot do well in waterlogged soil and is susceptible to root rots. 

Temperature and Humidity

These non-frost hardy plants need an average of 25 degrees Celsius in summer. Ensure the environment’s temperature doesn’t go below 10 degrees Celsius as it can cause frostbite. 

Moreover, 40% – 60% humidity levels are perfectly fine for Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow.’


A good potting mix provides sufficient nutrients for the plant to grow. However, once the plant reaches maturity, it uses up all nutrients from the soil and needs to be repotted. To provide it with adequate nutrients, repot the plant after its twice its initial size. 

Avoid using fertilizers because they are rich in toxic and strong chemicals that are potentially damaging to the plant. Even if you use it, don’t forget to dilute it to around 75%. Less concentrated fertilizers will have a lesser damaging effect on the plant. Furthermore, avoid using fertilizers in extreme heat – wait for the weather to cool down to apply fertilizer to plants. 


The Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow’ can be propagated using leaves, offsets, and seeds. For propagating with seeds, sow them in soil and keep watering until a plant starts to grow – and perform the basic care steps.

Cut them out with a sharp knife for propagation with leaves and offsets. Allow the leaf/offset to be callous by letting it sit idle for a few days, plant it in a well-drainage soil, and water it frequently until the plant reaches maturity. 

Pests and Plant Diseases

Pests Diseases

Even though the Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow’ is disease resistant, sometimes it can get mealy bugs which are small insects that take over the plant. If they occur in large quantities, spray isopropyl solution thoroughly on the plant. Otherwise, you can kill the insects with a toothpick if they are a handful of them.

Plant Diseases

Root rots are a common plant disease that doesn’t spare the Adolphii ‘Golden Glow’ if they are overwatered.


This plant is low maintenance and less susceptible to diseases; thus, you won’t have a hard time growing it. We hope you find this article enlightening, and now you are ready to grow your first Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Glow.’

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